Lazy days of summer

I've been off for a few days with family in town and home improvement projects, which means I've been too sore the past few nights to do more than log a few battles in Puzzle Quest (download the free PC Demo here).

But I did start playing around with modding. I started playing around with the game editor for Freedom Force, a 2002 super-hero role playing game. I choose it based on a few key reasons that would make it easy to use at my library and ideally other libraries as well. The game has:

  • A solid 3D engine
  • Low system requirements
  • Robust modding editor
  • Mouse based game interface
  • NPC characters in modern clothing
  • Pre-existing urban maps
  • Existing modding community
Based on these factors I feel that Freedom Force is a good first start. It may not result in a final product, but it should at least help me test out some design ideals and create a proof of concept. Now I just have to get over my intimidation of all the fields in the modding editor. Wish me luck.