New content everyday

Okay, so I created my blog for the research class at school and sent an email out to everyone in the class. As of now, there's only one person. We'll see how it works, or if it does over the next few days.

Thanks to everyone who posted today. I plan on staying active with this blog. So I hope that most of you will stop by every now and then. One thing I will make sure of is that I'm adding new content each day. Maybe a full rant, maybe a Carter story, or maybe just a cool link I found.

But I promise there will continue to be new stuff. Whether or not any of it is interesting, well that's for you to decide. I have a timeline on Darth Sidious coming up, some NFL draft discussion, some side stories and probably a lot of other odds and ends. I hope you're add some topics for discussion too.

Have a good night everyone


Hawk877 said...

I am going to kick off the 2005 Draft commentary with SHOCK and BEWILDERMENT about the possibility of Aaron Rodgers becoming a Packer!!!! I have a knot in my stomach because I want it to happen SO MUCH because he can learn from Farve to take the Cheesehead throne. It is the 16th pick to Houston and we have 7 more before what will become one of the greatest draft picks in recent memory