Welcome everyone...


I decided that I wanted to set up a blog for feedback at the library, but I wanted to test it out first. So this is that experiment.

Feel free to reply to any post and add your own thoughts and comments. I'll be adding my rants on a probably a daily basis. You all know that I suck at email, so maybe this might help me stay in touch with you guys. So here we go...

First up, any thoughts on MNF moving to ESPN? Or NBC being back in the mix with the NFL? I'm glad that they are moving to the flexible scheduling. That should make this interesting - although most every game is interesting from a fantasy football standpoint.

I've been putting together an email about Star Wars and Sidious/Palpatine. So I'll look to post that in a day or two. I want to put up a brief essay on SW each week as we build up to EpIII. It is not the completion of the saga, just the complete the movies. To me there is still a lot of story to be told. With my posts I want to try to tie together some of the stuff that's been leading up to EPIII. I've recently finished watching TPM and AOTC again, and I really enjoyed TPM. Please feel free to rip it, but I'll post why I think it makes sense (now that we know what we know). It is not a great movie, but it's a fun opening chapter to a much larger story. There is a prologue to that saga and I'll talk about. A lot of good stuff lead up to TPM and by knowing it by TPM and ATOC make more sense.

Tomorrow I'll post some of my personal SW memories. So please post yours as well.

Have a good night and I'll talk to you in the morning.


Krazy K said...


At the risk of sounding like I live out in the prairie somewhere -I hadn't heard about the MNF move until reading your blog. But, for a smuck like me who doesn't have cable, it might be a bad thing. Now, for the big games I will have to resort to catching the game in a bar some where. Ok, so maybe this isn't such a bad thing.

I am looking forward to the new SW release. I don't have insight or even many childhood memories of SW, but I love the story line.

Later my friend.

Krazy K

Paul said...

Thanks for responding Karl. I'm just posting to try out how the responses work. I want students to reply and add their comments for the one at school.

I real update will be coming later.

Sis said...

Yeah, I've got nothing on the Star Wars end....maybe I should watch them all sometime. (are you ashamed of me?)

LutheranVol said...

I think that NBC will be horrible, just a guess. Who's going to be out there to do the announcing? Dennis Miller?!?!?! If ESPN chooses to use Al and Madden, then we miss out on the great Sunday Night team from ESPN. Mike Patrick won't leave ESPN just for NBC football, he's got to many other gigs at ESPN. Monday night will be just fine, but if NBC could screw up enough to lose the NFL to Fox years ago, I don't see them delivering anything special. And what happens to the great intro of NFL PRIMMEEETIIIMMEE, with Boomer and TJ?!?! They'll still be on, but without the game to follow it loses something. Man I love to rant and complain about things I have no control over. Anyway, as the say in the jungle, I'm out.

t-rain said...

A star wars blog? Yikes. We all need to get to Iowa for an intervention.

t-rain said...

I've never "blogged" before.
Can I complain about GW Bush here too?

Sis said...

i'd hope so, superiorjeff.

p.s. nice name.

DBQ Hams said...


Complain all you want. Feel free to take off on any Miller like rant you want. I'll even dim the lights around you if you'd like.

And it won't be just SW, hell, that's only one possible ranting topic. I was just watching some behind the sceens features last night as I was creating this blog. So I was probably influenced by some crazy assed dark side force.

But come on, you watched the LBX of SW with me and Tom & Doug when I first got my surround sound stereo hooked up.

Anyhow, rant away...

DBQ Hams said...


I'm afraid that your SW memories are limited to your brother running around with any type of stick, mop, shovel pretending it is a lightsaber. At least you don't have any scares to go along with those memories (I think).


murraygd13 said...

A new blog and no mention of the Packers draft yet?

I think NBC will plan on having Costas do NFL...Maybe Madden will join him on Sunday nights.