Coming Back Hard Again

Like The Fat Boys, 1988, I'm coming back. I tossed around the idea of starting my blog back up at the 1 year anniversary, but that came and went and I was in the hospital with Carter (that will be another post). Then this week, I gave a speech to the English Honors Society here on campus, Simga Tau Delta. I was there guest speaker and had a free hand to talk.

My speech was on different forms of literary expression, one of which was video games. I had a overwhelming positive reaction from both the faculty and students present. I decided to continue to peruse this avenue of study needed an outlet to express and organize my thoughts. Thus, my blog was reborn.

I'll still have some posts about my family and life, but the focus of the blog will be video games as research expressions and educational tools.

Stick around, join in and let's see where this takes us...