Videogames in the Classroom? - Newsweek Education -

Some mainstream media coverage on the Federation's report on education & video games.

Videogames in the Classroom? - Newsweek Education - "“When you show a child a traditional educational game, they’ll roll their eyes,” says Kay Howell, a coauthor of the study. “But I don’t think they roll their eyes because it’s learning; I think it’s because there’s such a huge and obvious gap in quality compared to what they play at home.” "

I love that quote. That is where most educational games go wrong. Powerpoint Jeporady and quiz games miss the mark of really USING games to teach. Don't get me wrong, quiz games are good for mixing up review activities and as assessment/evaluation. But there is more that we can use games and games strategies for. It's what games do and what they ask us to do that is useful, not just hiding learning in something "fun."


Sarah2Point0 said...

That is a great quote...
Now we just need to entice the right game programmers into making our ILI games super cool

DBQ Hams said...


Thanks for the post. I think there are a lot of possible resources out there for us to use. I'm an academic librarian at a college with a Computer Graphics program... sounds like a cross curricular project.

Also, the modding community may be of help. We can take off the shelf games and mod it. We can create our own missions,content,& goals using the game's engine.

The danger is creating games with the best intentions that are not fun, or at the least interesting. Games provide motivation and we need to keep that in mind.


sarah2point0 said...

Hey Paul,
Sounds good. And agreed that the games shouldn't be to put it...overtly educational :-)
I'm just beginning research game theory/digital game-based learning and informtion literacy instruction; I'll definitely keep on eye on this blog (as well as the bibliographic gaming blog).
Best, Sarah

DBQ Hams said...


If you are still reading this thread, I would love to talk more about you're ideas on including games/theory in instruction. Please feel free to contact me via email