Gaming & Academic Success: Pilot Survey

Help me out. Take a look at this draft of my survey.

Click here to take the survey now.

Please let me know your thoughts? Are the questions clear? Do they make sense? Any changes in wording and other suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the help in refining this tool.



Christy Sich said...

This is a great survey and a great idea. My only thought is that it is definitely geared for students, whereas, you might want to open up the questions to capture others such as teachers and faculty. It would be interesting to compare the differences between the student levels and the "other" category in terms of their perspectives on video games. To broaden it you could change "school work" and "homework" to studies/research.

Paul said...

Thanks Christy. Good idea... sounds like a follow up survey.

I've got another draft ready to go and it should be up later today. I'd love your feedback on that as well.