It's been almost 10 years since Kyle and I drove up to Duluth to check out the college. We were visiting a friend/ex-girlfriend in the Cities and decided to drive up and check out the city on our way home. Who knew that would be the first trip down a strip of road I would know like the back of my hand.

As soon as we drove over the crest of the hill on I35, I knew that place was special. What a view. Most of you know what I'm talking about. Water, hills, and great atmosphere, much of which I was looking for in a college. I visited LaCrosse and loved the hills but it didn't seem like anything special. That's probably because I knew too many people going there. I visited Grove City, PA and loved the hills. It was a beautiful private college with great connections in D.C. (although the whole private college no girls in your room with the door closed or after 8:00 really sucked).
But Duluth was beautiful. And that doesn't even begin to touch on the emotions and memories triggered by the city.

10 years the city still evokes those strong first impressions. Sometimes things just come together. Kyle and I never even got out of the car. We drove around the block of campus and under the Kirby walkway and then drove downtown. Without, UMD I would not be who I am (on so many fronts) and most of you would not be here reading my ramblings. That first drive with the emotions of running away and finding someplace new for college changed the course of my life. Duluth has done that many times to me through the years.

More on Duluth tomorrow.