Library 2.whatever

We will not go softly into the night, or at least quietly into the future. It’s a new semester and our library using technology for some wonderfully innovative (at least for us) purposes.

Two of my co-workers spent time last semester developing a blog for one of our research classes. We see the students in each class for instruction sessions about 12 times during the semester. It’s great to be able built and more importantly sustain relationships with these students throughout the semester. The blog will provide us with one more way to build that relationship.

One of the same co-workers worked with me to modify an existing lesson to incorporate GoogleDocs. The instruction sessions help students research the various aspects and impacts (both positive and negative) of a specific charity organization. We traditionally divided them up into groups to work together on a series of questions, and regrouped at the end of class to discuss our findings. Using GoogleDocs to creative a real-time document of their research seemed like a natural fit. The students add their information to the document, and all students then have acces to return to it as they are working on their projects. In theory it is a great way to share their knowledge with each other, to expand all their horizons.

Theory - yes; first try – not so much. Like any first time there are kinks, even after we tested it and played aroundThe problem was that even after inviting the class via email to join the document, very few of them received the email. We think the mass emails from a “@gmail” address got hung up in the networks spam filters, but we’re still looking into it. So, where everyone should have be up and ready to work on their shared document, they entered clueless and unable to access the page. Fortunately, since it was a new technology many were willing to be a little forgiving – or they were just happy it was Friday and they were doing very little in class. Regardless, I’m very thankful to my fellow librarian who stay cool in a time of classroom chaos, worked through the technical issues, and ended up with a good class.

I’m sure I’ll check in about how the course blog is going, and we have more classes for GoogleDocs so we’ll see what happens next. I’m very thankful for my co-workers, they are amazing. It’s great to be able to push each other and technology for the student’s benefit. Call it “Library 2.0” or whatever; I’m calling our student success.