My unexplained absence - explained

(if you are not interested in my personal excuses, please move on to the next post)

October's been a blur. Work's a nonstop ride - as any good ride should be. My family's been up and down over the month (including a visit to the ER). Because of this I started October taking a little time off from blogging, a little blogging vacation if you will. But getting started again was the challenge.

During the second half of October, I really had to think about why I started this blog and where I'm going with it. Truth be told, I'm not sure where I'm going with it - heck I'm not sure where I'm going in life some days. But I do know were my passions lie.

Teaching - Reaching out - Connecting to students

I know that video games, the play, and the act of learning is one way to reach out and teach students.

My month off was not because I lacked the passion to go forward. I lacked the energy. The daily grind of my job and life weighted heavily on me. It wasn't one specific thing that prevented me, it was simply a downward spiral. Now, standing on the other side of that break, I missed the engagement, discussion, and innovation that came from blogging and pushing these issues forward.

I will continue to keep the conversation about video games and gaming strategies in information literacy moving forward. I hope if you are still willing to come along for the journey.


Kevin said...

I totally understand about "blogging vacations," even unintentional ones.

I like your idea of restating your passions. Your posts are thoughtful and informative, so keep it up!

Paul said...

Thanks for the encouragement. And thanks for your thoughts over the past year.