36 Credit Hours - Starting to See Straight Again

In the two weeks since I posted last (sorry about that), I've taught 36 credit hours worth of information literacy sessions.

Nothing like teaching almost a full semester in two weeks, finishing an article for publication (see C&R Libraries News early for 2008), and sending off a few conference proposals to keep one busy. Not that I'm complaining.

The classes were great. I worked with 7 different sections of a English Composition on a research paper unit for the past two weeks. We've taught the unit before and I've written about the students reactions when we taught it back in the spring semester. It created some good discussion about video game violence and the impact it has on aggression for college students. While the research continues to point to short term increases in aggression for college student, the students debated how that aggression manifested itself.

How they handle and control their aggression was an interesting talking point. However they choose to manage their emotions, the discussion helped students on both sides of the issue see the shades of gray that is the research on violence and video games.