I've been asking myself this a lot lately...

"Are You Where You Want to be Professionally"

Steven Bell's excellent post over at ACRLog provides a lot for new and seasoned librarians to think about.

Where I'm at professionally is a question I've debated internally for the majority of this semester. Obliviously, my postings here have been any thing but consistent. Some of this lack of consistency stems from teaching 101 information literacy sessions this semester. Some of it comes from being a husband and a father. And some comes from enjoying video games for more than simply "research" purposes. Added together this blog and my writing here has suffered.

Bell's post talks about priorities and not being able to be everything all at one time. Steven's post help me feel that taking time to be one thing or another well is okay. I've been fortunate to have the support of people for the research and discussions that Research Quest was designed to promote. I hope that as this year draws to a close, I can find some balance.

I will continue to work toward my goals and understand as Steven said, "It took time to develop my voice, and gain the ability to think and write about things in a way that communicates them well to others." Thank you for your post Steven.