ALA's Tech Source Report: Gaming Update

A year ago I was excited about Jenny Levine's ALA Tech Source Report and then I was even more excited to receive a copy for this blog (a blog that at the time I didn't think anyone knew of). And now a year later I'm excited and humbled to be asked by Jenny to write a section for her report update.

My rough outline is below and I'm interested on any feedback you might have.

I. The Value of Games
II. Embedded Information Literacy
A. Fantasy Football
B. Video Games
1. Madden
2. Halo
3. Final Fantasy
III. Games Teach
A. What Games Teach
1. Critical Thinking
2. Information Literacy
B. How Games Teach - Education Strategies
1. Gee
2. VanEck
3. Federation of American Scientists
IV. Video Game Strategies in the Classroom
A. Applying Strategies to Information Literacy
1. Existing programs, lessons modified
2. The Sum is Greater than the Parts
B. University of Dubuque
1. Web searching
2. Research Review
3. Library Dusk
V. Start Small, Start Now