Gamespot: Academic Edition

As Christmas draws closer and my sons become more excited, I'm continuing to work my way through unfinished posts. While there are some posts that are not worth coming back to, others like this article from Gamespot UK is a nice end of the year feature.

While Gamespot and their parent compancy CNet came under editorial fire in early December for how they handled the release of a long time employee, this review of serious games and games in education was a nice overview for those new to the field and those experienced in the conversation.

The Gamespot controversy was a mark against one of the longest running and most popular video game sites. But the content of the site's features and the creditability of it's staff is still high quality. I've read Gamespot for over 10 years and as the site releases it's Best Games of the Year feature it's worthwhile to look at this feature about educational games.

Gamespot's high profile for traditional gamers opens educational / serious games up to a market not usually aware of games in education. More people discussing educational games outside of academics is a good sign for the year to come.

Thank you to Serious Games for posting this story back when it was released.