If we build it, they will come... jump starting an information literacy program

Now that I've promoted the open position at my current library and the library has announced my replacement, it is time to talk about my new position.

I was offered and accepted a position at St. Norbert College in De Pere, WI. The college is just outside of Green Bay and is about 2000 students. You can learn more about the college here.

My new position is Information Literacy and Instruction librarian. The Todd Wehr Library has an exciting director who is moving the library forward in new and interesting ways. The staff is full of dedicated and eager people, whom I'm looking forward to working with. The campus has also just broken ground for a new library. St. Norbert College also recently announced a new President. There are a lot of changes happening on campus, and I'm excited to have the chance to be part of them.

The focus of the library is to grow and formalize their instruction program. My new position was created to build their instruction program, develop an overall plan, implement information literacy across the curriculum, and assess the program. I will also be helping train and update the library staff in pedagogy and instruction. The position has the support of faculty, the dean, and the writing center. I'm looking forward to working with them all to successfully build and jump start their information literacy program.

I'm already starting to think about the position and I will be writing about the ideas here. The chance to help jump start a program with video game strategies and pedagogy is exciting. The library staff are interested for my experience with video games and student engagement.

It is an exciting position with many challenges, but I know that what I've learned at the University of Dubuque will help me bring this same level of quality service provided by the Charles C. Myers Library to other students. I have the opportunity to help serve students and help contribute to their overall education.

While I'm shifting positions, colleges, and cities - my focus, research, and instructional application of video games in information literacy will continue. I hope that you will join me in this new application and adventure.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Paul! This sounds like an exciting new challenge for you to apply your talents to! I look forward to hearing about your work at St. Norbert's! Hope you will be able to attend and/or present at the yet to be announced ALA Gaming, Learning, and Libraries Symposium Nov. 2-4! ACRL will be there!
Good luck in your new job and congeratulations on great work at Dubuque!