Thank you University of Dubuque

Over this Easter weekend I'm becoming increasingly nostalgic about my seven years with the University of Dubuque. I am, and my entire family is, excited about my new position at St. Norbert College and all the new opportunities for us as a family. I really feel called to work with the students and the library there. Feeling called to a job is a strange and wonderful feeling. And writing about it as the sun raises on Easter Sunday feels appropriate.

Answering that calling is not hard. What is hard is saying goodbye to the people and friendships that I've developed over the last seven years. I am very thankful for the friendship and partnerships I've made over my seven years at the University of Dubuque.

I am excited about what comes next for me, and I am excited about what comes next for the students at the University of Dubuque. The University Librarian, Mary Anne Knefel, has built an excellent team and I am lucky to have worked for and with her. I consider Mary Anne a friend and I know that I would not be the person and librarian I am today without her. When I was asked during my interview with St. Norbert who I admired, Mary Anne was first on that list. Her dedication to the staff, the library, the campus, and most importantly the students is an asset that I aspire to continue for my new community at St. Norbert College.

I know that the Charles C. Myers Library will continue to serve students and faculty extremely well. Mary Anne's leadership and the staff's commitment to quality service will go on. I am also excited and have the full confidence that Anne Marie, as the new Assistant Director, continue to improve and serve our community well beyond what I can imagine. I have written and raved about Anne Marie before, and it is all true.

Anne Marie, I am so very grateful for your friendship and our relationship as colleagues. In all my varied careers, working side by side with you has been one of my greatest joys. I've learned so much from you. I believe that our partnership was and is one of the greatest assets to the students. I am thankful you have this new opportunity and excited to see the directions you take the information literacy program.

Thank you Mary Anne, Anne Marie, the entire staff of the Charles C. Myers Library, and the University of Dubuque community.


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