Out from under my blogging blackout

Wow, I'm sorry.

2 weeks since my last post. Ouch.

Reason: I'm moving. Moving jobs. Moving houses. Moving cities.

The last few months were filled with a lot of decisions, some easy, some incredibly challenging. It's been almost a month since I received a job offer, struggled through the discernment process, had multiple conversations with both my current and future employer, and come to a decision. As of June, I will have a new position at a new college.

Since my last post, I told my employer of my decision and spent the following week talking with the rest of the staff about my decision, thanking them for all that I've learned, and working through my personal emotional fallout. Moving on after seven years, puts a strain on a lot of working relationships and friendships. Part of my blogging blackout, was devoted to both the time and emotional focus to work through these transitions.

The rest of my blogging blackout and my free time was eaten up by preparing our house for sale, finding a buyer, working with them through the paperwork, looking for a new house, and starting to pack our current house. Between cleaning, fixing, packing, and searching my evenings were booked. Granted we still are looking for a house and packing... but having a buyer for our house is a huge relief.

So with all the changes, stress, and excitement over the last few weeks, I'm glad to be through most of it and moving on and looking ahead. I'll be back and blogging on a more consistent basis again.