Mapping Information Literacy to Games and Life

As part of the opening speakers tomorrow at GLLS, I am fortunate enough to be giving a short 10 - 15 minute segment on mapping gaming to information literacy skills.  I am using the time to talk both about videogames and fantasy sports and how the ACRL Information Literacy Competency Standards fit into these play experiences.  

Without the narrative, some of these slides are not that useful, but I wanted to get them out there as a reference for people.

My main emphasis is not simply that players are practicing information literacy skills in games and that we, as librarians and educators, can use that way of thinking for traditional educational content.  It is important to know that the bridge we are building to our students' and patrons' experiences is two ways.  Gaming is a real and concrete application of information literacy skills in their lives.  If we can see that, value that, and help our students understand that... then information literacy has meaning and context throughout their lives.  This continued application opens doors to life long learning.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I wish there would be some audio to your slides. Looks very interesting! :)

Paul said...


All the sessions were taped, so there should be a podcast recording coming sometime out of ALA for audio.

But I'm happy to add any specifics to any slides or questions you have.