Missing the Value Added - Blog Follow-ups

So often I'll dig through the hundreds of blog posts the filter through my RSS reader (Google Reader is my choice) reading some and skimming others as I go, but rarely do I jump back to the initial post. My mindset was that of:

"I read it, got the point of what was being communicated, and wanted to move on since there were still 161 unread posts waiting to be read."
But what I miss is part of the entire significance and value of blogs and a variety of other social software - I'm missing what other users are saying. Last week I read Michelle Boule's guest blog post over at ACRLog.

And while it's over a week old now, so I'm not going to recap it... if you haven't read it - please do so. But when I read it initially on the first day there were only 2 comments. Now coming back after a week there are 14 comments, many of which provide information on other librarians looking at gaming and academic libraries.

There are many names here that I want to follow up with and develop some academic correspondence. But most of it would have been missed if didn't come back today. Maybe most of you are doing this already, but I know now that posts that I saved on the initial read deserve a follow-up.


Kevin said...

Not only do I sometimes give an article a "star" in Google reader so I can come back to it, I have a feed folder I call "My comments" where I add the RSS comment feeds for articles I've commented on or want to follow. That way I can tell at a glance if new comments have been posted.