Help Solve a Mystery

This week I was invited to join a new ning social group for the newly created library alternate reality game. The invite came with the following message:

About Help Me Solve A Mystery
I can't explain it. This mystery began when I found a volume of a 1933 World Book Encyclopedia among my own books. Inside was a page of mysterious messages. Where did this come from? And, what does it all mean?
If you are interested check out the ning and/or join here.

I posted about the Alternate Reality Game created by John Farquhar, back in the May. The event / game sounded interesting at the time and now after hearing Greg Trefry at GLLS 2007 this summer the game sounds like a fun experiment. I traded emails with John a few weeks ago and he provided some additional details:

Expect the experience to last for 10 weeks where new puzzles and mysteries will be presented 3-4 times each week. Most puzzles will require locating a source of information then critically evaluating that information. The puzzles will be presented on the web, but many will require finding non-web sources.

Is there anyone out there playing already? Please share your experiences.

Here is the description from the site :
William Lewis has a mystery to solve. He found a volume of a 1933 World Book Encyclopedia among his own books. Inside the book was a note with some mysterious and cryptic messages. How did it get there? What does it mean? And, where will all of this lead? Join William's mystery and expect to uncover new mysteries and puzzles throughout the fall. Participate in the online forum or create your own blog of your experience. Use the online tools to: 1) describe search strategies that successfully locate additional clues, 2) critically examine the clues, documents and other sources of information, and 3) guide other participants to successfully search for and critically examine information. Perhaps you'll make new friends and learn new things.


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