It Starts Today: the Fantasy Football season

Oh yeah, and the NFL starts the regular season games tonight and this weekend as well.

As a result of my work with fantasy football and information literacy, there was interest from other librarian to create a league. We've started a 12 team librarian (or library related) fantasy football league with members from across the country with varying degrees of library and fantasy football experience. The league is a good mix of experienced players and rookies and so far everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.

The league conducted a live online draft where each team had only 90 seconds to make their selection. The discussion after the draft highlighted a few interesting parallels to our students and their research. Some of the discussion centered on some owners entering the draft centered on:

  • Lack of adequate preparation - not reading and researching enough on players
    • How often do or students come in for a class session or to the reference desk without being adequately prepared? Is it that they do not know where to look or that they do not put an emphasis on it? Does a student who will spend hours researching for a fantasy sports draft, but will not spend an equal time researching for assignments not have the skills or just the motivation?
  • Confusion about the interface
    • Most librarians experience some student confusion or frustration with the library's OPAC or database interfaces. The draft interface had multiple outputs of information and required users to track various pieces a data at once. But like any interface, a little practice and play leads to a lot of understanding.
I'm looking forward to the discussions and the insight from the league throughout the season. But first, I need to get my team ready for the matchup this weekend. I'm facing off against Michal Lorenzen from Information Literacy Land of Confusion.

Good luck to anyone playing fantasy football this weekend.

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