Swamped and now Freedom

We are just heading into the second week of school and I'm feeling swamped already. Over the course of a week our information literacy program (4 librarians) have taught 27 classes. Busy, but not overwhelming. At least it shouldn't be until you throw 90% of the student body asking questions about how to save, print, double spacing all thanks to Microsoft Office 2007.

Since work has been eating into my nights and early mornings, my RSS / Google Reader time has suffered greatly. Thanks to the joys of Google Works (which I've enjoyed since June when I used it to read RSS feeds while getting my oil changed), I took my 989 unread messages home with me over the weekend. I worked my way through most of the articles, with only about 148 left to read through. There was a light at the end of the tunnel.

And then... the slip of a finger... the click of a mouse... and I marked "all as read." Gone. At first I was panicked. "What did I miss?" But then the clear list without any bolded unread items starring in my face resulted in freedom and sense of relief. A weight off my shoulders.

Who knew that keeping up could be so stressful.