Nintendo helps sponsor Handheld Learning Conference

On Friday, reported that Nintendo will be a sponsor for "The Handheld Learning Conference and Exhibition." The conference will be held in London and here are some of the themes of the conference. also had a story on Nintendo's sponsorship as well.

Given Nintendo's dominance in the handheld market and their focus on non-traditional games like Big Brain Academy, Brain Age, and Flash Focus this seems like a natural fit. In addition to Nintendo there are a wide range of other companies developing educational games for the Nintendo DS as well, including math, spelling, reading, and music.

As a father of two, these application with the Nintendo DS look interesting and provide additional (educational) content that I can play with my kids on the DS. In past years, the conference seemed to have more coverage on cell phones and PDAs, but I'll be watching this year to see if there is a larger video game presence and what content comes out of the conference.