Fantasy Football Toolkit

What do you need to apply fantasy football to your library?

What resources do you want to use fantasy football for information literacy?

What resources do you need to start fantasy leagues at your library?

The Fantasy Football Librarian, Sara Holladay, and I are working on a fantasy football toolkit and I want your feedback and input. What resources should be included. Sara and I are presenting at LOEX and LOEX of the West this summer about fantasy sports and the connection to information literacy. In addition to information literacy, we are looking at how fantasy sports can be used for community building and patron outreach as well.

The initial template for Fantasy Football Toolkit includes:

  • Fantasy Football 101
    • What is fantasy football
    • How does one play
    • General rules & strategies
  • League Setup
    • Options for setup
    • Scoring
    • Suggested online league managers
  • Draft Board
    • Resources to bring patrons together for a community building draft
  • Suggested Resources
    • Print and online sources
    • Varying scope and focus
  • Promotional Materials
  • Suggested Lessons

So what would you need?

Photo by Rochie


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