DDR Good for Kids & Librarians

Hot on the heels of the New York Times article about the success of using Dance Dance Revolution in physical education classes, our library staff "tested" DDR out today before our staff meeting. After all my talk of using games for education, this was my first DDR experience (as it was for most of the staff). I can easily say it will not be my last. In fact, I hope we will do it again as a staff over the summer.

Unfortunately, there were no cameras to record the event, but almost all the staff got involved and had a fun time playing DDR Supernova. The event drew many student and staff witnesses, as is bound to happen playing DDR in a classroom with glass walls.

Everyone laughed and enjoyed themselves. Now I hope the students will do the same on Wednesday night when our library offers up a "Finals Prep Study Break" with snack food, a root beer keg, and DDR.


Andrew said...

Coolness! Offering DDR for a study break is a great idea. We've been giving our student snacks, coffee, and tea during finals week.