The Escapist Magazine

By now you have probably heard about the most recent issue of the Escapist. It's been covered on Game On, Jenny Levine's theshiftedlibrarian, and others. And rightfully so. The Escapist is an alternative online video game magazine that provides weekly theme based issues. Issues are quick reads and provide unique and insightful essays and news stories.

This week's focus is on education. The article on DDR and libraries is a fun read. It shows what is being done in public libraries with games to a whole new audience. I was also interested in the Whyville: Saving the Children article. I have not seen it discussed in library blogs, but it is worth your time.

What sets Whyville apart is not what it teaches kids about the world around them, but how it teaches them. Whyville takes a hands-on approach, introducing kids to the science they take for granted.
I do not have experience with "Whyville" but it gets the video games and learning piece correct. Games succeed in teaching because of how they teach and help us (or force us) to learn, not because the content needs to be revolutionary.