ECA's Halpin weighs in on games as social interaction

There's nothing quite like being gone for a conference (LOEX) during the last week of the semester. Yes it was a huge recharge for my energy level, but the back load of work piled up quickly. Given my last post on the social nature video games, this post from Tuesday at ties in nicely.

Halpin as president of the ECA disputed the results of a study by the "Save the Children" organization. As my previous post stated, I agree with Hal Halpin on why and how games can be a social experience.

The survey itself is a nice example of information literacy. The "Save the Children" organization is not an unbiased group. And the "study" they refer to is based on interviews of 100 teachers and their perceptions. There isn't any experimental data with a sound methodology to support the "findings" of the study... sounds like a good place to start an article search.