Back after a long weekend...

We had Carter's birthday party this weekend. It was such a fun time. I'll write more later, but he had such a good time. All his little daycare friends were there and he just played like crazy. I'm going to try to post some pictures this evening (well try is the keyword). No presents got further than the door. Carter wanted to open them as soon as he saw them. Which was great because then everyone got to see him open and be excited about their gift. On Sunday, Carter asked for "more presents." So we'll see how he is today when we are out of presents to open.

He got a lot of fun stuff, even a Veggie Tale spoof of Rocky so I'm looking forward to that. That's really what my movie viewing has been reduced to... Veggie Tales movies. I just watched one that spoofed Blazing Saddles, right down to the Madline Kahn song & dance and Brooks' aloof governor. I'm not complaining although I'm looking forward to their Lord of the Rings a little too much.

Since the last FF ranking generated a little debate, here are the newest rankings from ESPN's Scott Engel, with my comments attached:

1. Peyton Manning - of course
2. Donovan McNabb - back for another strong season
3. Daunte Culpepper - question marks at WR, look at what happened w/o Moss
(I think this is the top tier, after this I'd throw dice for the others, and wait a few rounds)
4. Trent Green - who knew? They should have a solid O this year
5. Kerry Collins - Lots of weapons, but come on it's Kerry Collins, #5?
6. Marc Bulger - Martz will always pass alot
7. Brett Favre - I agree with G from the last post, their D will suck and Farve will have to pass alot, just hope your league doesn't take too much off for INTs
8. Jake Delhomme - good WRs as long as they stay healthy, ground game could be interesting
9. Tom Brady - solid as always, I'd put him higher just because he's consistent
10. Michael Vick - my how the over marketed have fallen
11. Drew Brees - I love Brees, he's taken his Flutie Flakes and now has the weapons
12. Jake Plummer - was pretty up and down last season, but has a good cast and OL
13. Matt Hasselbeck - "remember me, I used to be a top 5 QB"
14. Aaron Brooks - good skill, just too inconsistent, would be nice to see WR step up
15. Carson Palmer - glad I picked him last year, and wish I held onto him, will continue to rise
16. Brian Griese - who knows, maybe Saban will make a difference... maybe
17. Byron Leftwich - good raw talent and speed, question marks around him
18. Chad Pennington - used to be a top 10, used to be is the keyword
19. David Carr - put up numbers last year, a solid backup
20. Steve McNair - how much can he play, how soon will Volek start?
21. Eli Manning - give him another year
22. Ben Roethlisberger - lots of hype, but not the fantasy numbers
23. Kyle Boller - is he even a bye week play?
24. Joey Harrington - with Gracia breathing down his neck, it'll be a matter of time
25. Drew Bledsoe - good guy, but below Boller? really?


Train said...

Green and Collins are way to high. I would bump up Brooks and Vick. I know both ar inconsistent, but they are potentially huge.
I'll reserve all Farve comments. I just have no clue what to think of them. They need to get back to a more balanced aproach, to take the pressure off of the defense.

Paul said...

Green was a surprise, but not nearly as much as Collins. I wonder how these will change once the real camps begin. I would think that if someone gets Vick as a ten plus QB that's a steal.

I think that Jack D. is a little high as well. But really for me, it's the top 3 and then I'd wait a few rounds to pick up any of the next 10 since they are all pretty close.

Good thing we won't have 2 QBs this season.

murraygd13 said...

I could see Colling putting up huge numbers. Randy Moss, Jerry Porter as #1 and #2... Ronald Curry was solid last year and they picked up LaMont Jordan to run the ball

Paul said...


I forgot about Jordan being out there. That should help them put up bigger numbers. I think your point will be made by many people as we get further into the summer and draft guides start to come out.

Would you use a 2nd round pick, or even a 3rd on Collins?

Train said...

I agree with Paul. There is rally no 2nd tier. It's just top 3 and everyone else. I'd take a flier on a Leftwich or somebody late, instead of going with collins or green in the 2nd or 3rd.

Train said...

Side comment. I've always liked Collins. He had that whole quitting his team thing in Carolina, but if you take that away, he's had a pretty solid career, with some playoff success. He could thrive with Moss and Porter. Interesting offense there in Oaktown.

Paul said...

Jeffy, It would be nice to see a rebirth of Collins out there in the Bay.

Right now I'm wondering about Trent Dilfer. Any hope there? I'd think he'd atleast be somewhere in the #20 range. Not as high of potential as someone like Carr, but could be more consistent than Eli or Big Ben. But then again K.Winslow seems to be out for a good chunk of the season after his crash.

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