Couple of days off

Okay, after falling off of my pledge about having new content everyday - I'm back. "Falling off" that's an interesting way to put it. Hmm, it's been a few days since I've had a beer, it's been a few days since I've posted... I see a conection. It all revolves around a nice friendly golden can of Miller High Life.

Anyhow here's my bitch of the day... no one talks to me. I haven't posted in a few days cause no one else is posting. Okay... today jeffy gave a message. Thanks. But I started to think that no one cared or was interested. Then today, when I realized no one cared - I realized niether did I.

Read it, post to it or not - I'm still here ranting. I care about my thoughts. Okay that's not really all that true either. You all know me. I'm not the most reflection person in the world. I perfer to keep moving too much, rather than stop and think. Well, this blog is my stopping area. I'll share my thoughts if for no other reason than to keep me out of thearpy. Okay, not really thearpy, but hell maybe it will work to reduce the stress rash on my arm (more than you wanted to know, but hell if you are still reading this just be glad it's not contaigious).

Well, this weekend was fun. We got Carter a big boy bed to sleep in. He only fell out once on Saturday. But for someone who is pretty young to get scared, he is pretty worried about being in the room all alone. He's doing well with it though. Other than my back hurting from sleeping on the floor next to him, everything is fine. No fainting, nothing exciting - although the nurse did call last week to see if I was doing okay.

I'm out for now, but I'll be back... maybe we'll talk


Sis said...

ah, my poor brother. so sad. i was checking, you just hadn't posted anything for me to respond to - i've got nothing to add to the star wars discussions.

i'm proctoring a 1L constitutional law exam right now. it's fun to be in an exam room and not be the one freaking it's extra cash for doing work...or playing on the internet.

Paul said...

Thanks sis, I love pity afterall. I don't mean to sound sad just indifferent. Working as a teacher and in politics I love to hear myself talk.

But you know that growing up with me.

Train said...

Your sister is proctoring.

You're blogging.

Your wife is gestating.

All funny words.

(I need to get out of this house more)