My Drug of Choice

Some people like there weed, others prefer Sudafed based drugs, still others take to the bottle. Sure I enjoy a “good” beer. I prefer mine the watered down red-necked American way. For me a beer is not supposed to fill you up, it is supposed to quench your thirst. If alcohol didn’t dehydrate you, I’d say it’s a damn good substitute for water. But here my economics comes into play. There is a huge diminishing returns on beer. Those first few swigs are so refreshing, but then by the end of the can (see I told you I prefer it like a hick – just no Busch for me – I’m living the High Life) it’s just a beer.

But my drug of choice is caffeine. How can it not be for any semi-dysfunctional member of society? Caffeine gets you up earlier, puts a smile on a bad day, keeps your body shaking when it gets tired around 3:00, keeps you moving at night, and allows you to stay up later. Who doesn’t want a simple non regulated drug that does that? Sure I can go without it. I did for the last two days, since I wanted to make sure that it would have it’s full effect on me when I hit the road at 5:30 am. Didn’t end up going to the conference, but I can tell you my day is better with that pot of coffee. More alert, less crabby (just ask Amy), still awake at 10:00 pm or 11:30 and that’s a good thing with a child on the way. Caffeine is the narcotic for me. It’s cheaper than alcohol, better on most major organs (expect maybe the heart), and its’ side effects are much more desirable.

Here is my challenge: I just opened a new tin of coffee and I will not buy another beer until that tin is emptied. I’ll let you know if the temptation that is the few remaining cans of High Life make it through the weekend.

And speaking of temptations, I think I may finally cave in after all of 42 hours and go see Star Wars tonight. I almost went last night, but I wavered and fought the temptation. Any else out there seen it yet? I’ll start a review post soon and I’m interested in your thoughts.

Back to that 5:30 roadtrip, I was supposed to go to a librarian conference today but I didn’t want to be 3.5 hours away from Amy and Carter and leave them without a car. Amy’s still having contractions, a couple every hour. They do seem to be getting stronger, she has to stop what she’s doing every so often. The midwife isn’t too concerned. Which I guess is good, but damn if these contractions are going to stick around for another 6 weeks… it’s going to get hard on everyone involved.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll write more later, maybe even a movie review. I still having issues with posting pics, but I haven’t spent too much time trying to figure it out. So sorry for the boring page.


Sis said...

Of course you're addicted to caffeine. How else could you live a life on 5 hours of sleep (max) for years?
But don't punish the beer. What better way to calm yourself off the caffeine at the end of the day than with a fine High Life?

murraygd13 said...


Miller High Life? Guess I shouldnt' expect anything else from a Packer Fan.

Congrats Paul's Sis, 2 lawyers who visit this site. Well 1 for sure and if Karl knows how to find the blog. Seems like the BS should be flowing here.

DBQ Hams said...

G - Why don't you come and visit us? You're too close and this is silly. Carter loves company and so do we.