Catching up...

So, we made it back to DBQ without any real problems. No slashed tires or anything. The time up at my folks was a lot of fun. Carter loved playing with Sarah and even once we were home, he still raised his juice cup and said "cheers." He does this at every meal. Between shaking hands and making toasts he's being groomed well.

My folks' new house was really nice. I wondered what it would be like to stay there and not at "my house." But really "my house" is in DBQ. I haven't lived at my folks since my freshmen year of college. So while I love the memories of that house, that's all they were - memories. And they'll still be there.

The weekend was fun. I patched a few holes in the drywall of the bathroom. Stupid design and former owners. They put in a shower/tub and did their own backsplash for it. Except it doesn't cover the whole tub. So we've got water, and then some molding drywall issues. So many fun issues with the crap former owners do.

I'm playing catch up at work right now. I just started an online 3 week course for work, and damn it's going to be a lot of work.

We are heading up to Amy's family the next two weekends, it will be busy but fun. My days consist of playing with Carter, catching up at work, classwork at work and home, getting ready for the baby (doing some more reading with Amy), reading some mindless Star Wars books for relaxation, and some sleep and caffeine somewhere in there.

Reading the birthing books is really interesting, but there are so many conflicting ideas. One says, fight the pain, the other says work with it, still others say to tell your body that there is no pain. I guess it is good to have a variety of ideas to try if one doesn't work. But it feels like you are going in circles sometimes.

By the way, I did see SW:III again and I still loved it and was just as wrapped up in the story the second time around.


Anonymous said...

I just stumbled onto this blog (thanks to the "next blog" link from a friends' page). Who is this guy? He types a lot but really doesn't say anything.

Man, take some time. Look at your life. Stop moving and "ranting" - share something interesting. Blah, blah, crap, crap. YOur life is not that interesting, sorry.

Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Hey asswipe, why don't you comment on a blog that someone actually invited you to. Not that I don't enjoy hearing from someone who's life is so interesting that they have time to click on the "next blog" link while reading another blog. You obviously have the perspective to judge other people's lives.

And no, this isn't DBQ Hams. This is John Cusack's alter ego.

Train said...

Hey did I miss anything? I just spent the last week cruising random blogs belonging to people that I did not know anything about and insulting the bloggers for not entertaining me. I know, I know, you're thinking "what kind of dick would do that". Well, you'd be suprised.

Paul said...

Hey guys, thanks. I was going to tell him/her to quit trolling, but you said it better.