Getting Ready to Go

This Friday I'm presenting at our state ACRL conference, and since I'm getting ready I thought I'd share my outline with you. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know. Your feedback was helpful the last time and I look forward to your suggestions.

I. Gaming Literacy Test

II. Why games?

a. Who’s playing

i. Nielsen stats

ii. Pew research on college students

b. Educational aspects of games

i. Gee

ii. American Federation of Scientists

iii. Johnson & Prensky

iv. Van Eck

v. Halverson, Richard

II. What Libraries are doing

a. Quiz games – UNC

i. Review activity, instruction benefits

ii. Sample questions

iii. Words of caution – Matt Weise

b. Flash based – AZ State University

i. Objectives

ii. Screen shots

iii. “words of wisdom” from development team

c. University of Cincinnati

i. Online gaming tutorial

ii. Screen Shots

iii. Presenting at ACRL

d. George Washington’s “Muckrackers” game

i. Description

ii. Words of caution – LOEX attendee

iii. Presenting at ACRL

III. Starting Small - University of Dubuque

a. “Think Small” – King, B.R.

b. Website Evaluation

i. Gaming strategies used

ii. ACRL Standards

iii. Classroom activity

iv. Feedback (+/-)

c. Research Review

i. Gaming Strategies used

ii. ACRL Standards

iii. Classroom activity

iv. Student feedback

c. Hotel Dusk

i. Gaming Strategies used

ii. ACRL standards

iii. Feedback

IV. What You Can Do

a. Small Steps

b. ID courses

c. Be creative

d. Have fun