Reaching out to religion...

I just got back from my class guest lecture. It went pretty well. I wish I had more time at the end for questions, but we had some discussion during the class. I'm throwing a few quick comments and reflections up now, but I'll post more later including: gaming literacy quiz, content notes, and a bibliography.

There were 3 goals to my session with these future pastors and youth ministers:
1) Build their personal awareness of video games and gaming culture
2) Discover educational uses and positive applications for games in their churches
3) Increase their awareness of both the positive and negatives of games - in order to engage parents

Their assignment was to play a video game. One second career student sat down with his 5th grader to play together for the first time. They had a blast together and he's now looking at ways of bringing gaming into their confirmation classes. As a parent and educator, I love that.