Matthew Weise interview

Do you have any questions that you answered about modding commercial games for education?
If so, please let me know.

I'm thankful to Matthew Weise for agreeing to do a phone interview later this week.

Here's the link again to the GDC session. The idea of modding an existing game engine for some information literacy skills is appealing to me. Information about benefits & pitfalls that Matthew and his team ran into with Revolution will be very useful to anyone thinking about modding for educational games.


Anonymous said...

I'd be interested in learning about recommended engines or games to mod. Which ones are the most scalable? Which ones have the best support community for modding? Which ones are the most user-friendly? Which ones can a newbie work to mod? Which games would be the most affodable?

Most of the mods that I have seen have been for FPS games. Is there a game that has a third person perspective that might work in a library setting? The only one that comes to mind is Max Payne, and he might be a little too rough to teach information literacy skills. ;)