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I just got out of a class session and we are having our students who went through the open ended gaming strategy review session leave comments about the activity on the course blog. It's only feedback from 2 classes, so I'll post more as they come.

Here are a few comments... follow the link for the full list of comments
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Here are 3 comments:

I found the activity to be helpful in showing the various ways to access
articles but more importantly it got everyone involved which is FAR AND AWAY
more interesting than being lectured to.

I think the activity we did was helpful in reminding us that there are different sources we can look at to help our paper.

I found the last meeting that we had to be somewhat helpful but at the same time I thought it was a little pointless in the fact that at this point in RES 104 we should know how to find information for a paper. I think that the time could of been spent looking at something else. Paul did a good job of presenting though he usually makes things interesting.