Spreading the "Good News" - one pastor at a time

Church pastor's have the ability to influence the members of their congregation, religion has a tendency to do that with people. But now I'm excited about a growing number of future pastors influencing their members in a positive way about video games.

At church this morning, I talked to one of the students from the class I spoke with about video games. They had recently held a gaming night at their Seminary library for all seminary students to attend. Here are some of the comments from the gaming night, forwarded to me from the faculty member teaching the class:

It was very cool having a lot of people around playing. It was a good community experience.

I came towards the end of the evening, but I was glad I did. I had a blast with Wii. The last video game I ever played was Nintendo 64, usually Mario Golf, so this was a serious step up for me. It seemed everybody present enjoyed this opportunity to play the games.

We had a larger turnout than I think we expected, which was very good. I think most people had fun, too.

I thought it was lots of fun! I laughed until I stopped.

I had a blast! Didn't get a chance to play with the Wii because it was so popular, but enjoyed gaming with the people who came.

I'm very thankful for the work that Susan is doing (and grateful to be a part of it) in helping pastors break through gaming stereotypes and see the positive (both educational and social) applications of video games. This week they are looking at Second Life as a place for outreach and community.

Every new pastor with knowledge and understanding about video games, creates the opportunity to open more people to the idea and benefits of video games.


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The photo is from "Metroblossom" via Flickr.com