Thank you Ohio!

Ohio, land of libraries, comes through with some good info on the "Muckrakers" ACRL session that I was wondering about. On Wednesday, Chad from Library Voice said it sounded like the GW librarians were questioning all the effort of the project. That thought was support by a detailed write up of the session by Kate over at Adventures in Library Land Adventures

Muckrakers at ACRL

The goal of this project - the creation of an online game to teach research skills - was to "develop virtual instruction that encourages collaborative learning, peer evaluation, exploration, and critical thinking." They wanted to incorporate 3 teaching methods: Collaborative learning, peer teaching, and exploration and discovery.
Kate's added some good commentary on both the interesting applications and the disappointing struggles the GW team had. Since they still do not have a playable product, I wonder where this leaves library games for the rest of us. Will there be a lack of interest (or worse admin support) due to this pending failure? Or will it force us to make realistic expectations on resources and time? I still believe there are applications out there that can be successful.