Headline: Information Literacy Librarian Scammed

Okay, last weekend I took a physical vacation and since I've been back I've been on a mental vacation. So sorry for the lack of posts.

Now here's my sad story. As I was preparing for vacation, stressed about the upcoming article I need to write and generally distracted. I feel victim to an Amazon scam. I wanted to believe and wanted to sell the Gameboy, and even though something didn't quite fell right I shipped it out anyway. Unfortunately, I discovered the scam too late to stop the package. Scammed.

Now, here's the lesson (you know just like at the end of most cartoons from the 1980's): I was just like my students. Sure I checked the links and they all traced back to real places. But I didn't go far enough.
How often do our students settle on quality because they just want to believe this is right or just need it to be done?

I paid the price in losing a GameBoy Advance. What price do our students pay?

While I have no idea who this photo is of, that's pretty much how I felt.
Photo via Flickr.com by M J M