Know thy Opponent

My recent focus on violent video games and their effects is a direct result of two factors:

  • First, the English class research unit on violent video and their effects on college students, means that for the last two weeks from 8 - 12 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I've talked about nothing but violent game research on aggression.
  • Second, as my advocacy for video game applications and their value in education has grown stronger, I've encountered resistance based upon the "overwhelming" negative aspects of video games.
By understanding the research, and what it does (increased aggression, desensitization, difference in responses based on age group) and what it does not (violent action, large effect on stable personality types) show I am in a better position to defend the use and value of video games. Knowing the research also creates a better dialog with those who have concerns.

It is with this in mind that I continue to build my annotated bib on the effects of violent video games and aggression. It is also with this understanding in mind, that I direct you to the story in from Friday: Don't Shoot: Why Video Games Really Are Linked to Violence.