Educational Technology and Life

I've read Mark Wagner's blog for the past few months and it is a wonderful resource. Mark is working on his dissertation and is publishing the planning, content and revisions. Mark's blog is a great research based resource for anyone interested in video games, education and learning. With over 400 posts about "Games and Education" it is a rich blog.

His most recent entry provides a link to download his 12 page "Video Games in Education" section of his work, including a good bibliography.

This is the fleshed out version of that post, complete with examples, citations, and quotes. This long version is also different from the other long segments I’ve been posting because it’s more based on the presentations I’ve been giving than the formal notes I’ve collected.
It's worth your time to download and read through his work. It is a good introduction for those new and for those of us entrenched in this subject the 16 page bibliography is excellent.