Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

I could blame the summer time on the lack of posts in June. I could blame vacation trips for not posting since the first of the month. No lay the blame squarely on Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

Phoenix Wright is an adventure game for the Nintendo DS, where you play as a lawyer investigating crimes, locating evidence and cross examining witnesses in the courtroom. The core gameplay is really based on reading comprehension. You are provided with evidence (assuming you find the evidence by talking with people and examining the crime scenes) that points out inaccuracies in the witnesses testimony and your job is to point these out in court and ultimately trap the guilty witness in their web of lies.

It's a great information literacy game. You check different sources, determine the accuracy of them, and decided what the information need is in a variety of situations.

So yes, the librarian is wrapped up in a game that tests my information skills. I'm in the 3rd of 5 chapters and they get longer as they go. The game's a great value, but it's not perfect. The evidence gathering scenes get long and tend to drag on. And while the courtroom scenes are the most fun, they are very linear and force the correct choice before moving on.

Phoenix Wright is guilty as charged of stealing away my free time.
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