Research Quest: MIA

Yes, I've been missing in action all this past week. I expected work to be a little slower, but after teaching for two weeks straight I found my desk and my email inbox filled with administrative responsibilities to catch up on. I'm sorry for the delay in responding to anyone who's emailed in the last few days. Add to that I've spent my evenings updating my CV.

If anyone's interested you can download my CV here.

But I'm trying to get back into the habit. Over the next 24 hours I should catch up on all the partial posts I've started since the semester began. I have a lot of guilt about not keeping up on the blog recently (healthy I know), but I looked back at last year and the month of September was terrible for my blogging. So maybe that's just the start of each new year.

Well, thanks for sticking around. There will be more regular posts starting next week that will discuss some of the content I'm working on Amy Harris and Scott Rice's ACRL publication.

Sorry again for the delays in posts, but I'm thankful for those inquiring. I'm tucking my blogging tail between my legs and heading back to the keyboard to buckle down.

Thanks to the Canadian Flake for the sorry pup photo