Video Game Strategies Poster Presenation - Assessment Data

Thank you for everyone who stopped by my poster presentation. I enjoyed your questions and I hope the information was useful. Gaming strategies are a place that all of us can start without having to commit the time and cost to developing a game. I commend all of those working on gaming projects, but regardless of where your institution is at I hope you gained some ideas about how to start applying video games into your information literacy sessions.

If you are first visiting here, I encourage you to look at the previous post as an introduction with links to the classes discussed in the poster session.

Here are the links for the assessment tools that I used in the instruction sessions. Each link will lead you to a page to download the assessments.

I will post the poster as soon as I can get the publisher file small enough to upload. Any feedback or questions on my session is welcome. I'd love to know what you thought.

Thank you.


Unknown said...

Several Addicting Games are educational. Sad that I have not experienced having video games on classes.