...And onto recovery

My son had a very quick and successful surgey this morning. He was very brave for a 3 year old. Between the surgey and the recovery room, we were in and out in about 4 hours. He's drinking liquids, loving the chocolate shakes, and eager to play some more DS with Mario and the "mean mushrooms."

On a professional note, I spent the time waiting during surgey talking with our church pastor (he came to see our son and we were pleasantly surprised that he stayed) about research and applications for video games in education. We talked about my presentation to the local seminary and he wondered if I would be willing to put together a presentation for parents about video games awareness (violence, ratings, media savy) and education. As a researcher and parent, I jumped at the chance. I excited to be able to use my research to help parents be more informed and more engaged with their child's learning & playing through gaming. I'll be looking to Andrew over at Gamerdad for some help on this one.