Catching up on ACRL conference blogging

Here are a few posts from the official ACRL conference blog

The University of Cincinnati's session on the game(s) they developed.
Cincinnati's progress and lessons on their gaming efforts
It turns out that they had to start from scratch do to time constraints and staff changes, this brought out some new ideas including some Google tools applications.

Here's a comment from a blog post from the session Lisa from University of IL - Urbana gave.

"Presented by librarians at the undergraduate library at the University of Illinois-Urbana Champagne. They have been investigating the use of gaming in their library. They discussed the difference between the old tutorial type games versus games that actually have an educational value based on the users’ interaction with the game. The ability to learn from the game and not just quiz yourself."
So very important! We cannot just assume "games" will be engaging and good learning experiences. Create a game based on gaming principles not of content, let the content come out of the game.

I love this one. I wasn't at the conference, but I'm excited that I even get a mention!!!