Congrats to my local public library

I want to congratulate Gray Dale and the rest of Dubuque's Carnegie-Stout Public Library Youth Services staff on a successful video game tourney. This past Sunday, Gray took a page right out of Eli's book Gamer's in the Library?! and hosted a Nintendo GameCube Smash Bros. and Mario Kart: Double Dash tournament. The Dubuque Telegraph Herald had an article in Monday's paper about the event.

Gray Dale is new to the position of Youth Services manager and has brought some good ideas and excitement with him. Back in July, while I was at GLLS 2007, the other youth services staff organized a DDR night but were looking for someone to help hook up the systems. I was excited for their enthusiasm for gaming and libraries back in July and I am thrilled that Gray was able to put more direction and focus on it by providing on-going gaming events.

Congratulations to all staff who see gaming as positive outreach and I'm thankful for all those who give direction and provide vision to follow. Thank you and let's keep gaming.

photo by Kori Newby


AMHG said...

I concur. There was a letter to the editor in today's T-H criticizing the event. Perhaps a response is in order? :)