Teaching Classes with IL Outcomes & Video Game Strategies

As I continue to finish my draft of ACRL chapter on using videogames to help teach information literacy, I wanted to share more about what type of classes the University of Dubuque has applied gaming strategies in and how they mapped to information literacy.

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Library Instruction Session

ACRL Information Literacy Outcomes

Videogame Strategies


Music period research – Introduction to Music

· Selects efficient and effective approaches for accessing information

· Examines and compares information from various sources in order to evaluate reliability, validity, accuracy, authority, timeliness

· Determines probable accuracy by questioning the source of the data

· Maintains a log of activities.

· Participates in peer workgroups

· Scaffolding / Telescoping

· Personalization

· Monitored progress

· Goal orientation

Website evaluation worksheet

Resource Review – Introduction to Research Writing

· Identifies purpose and audience of resource

· Investigates scope & content of systems

· Assesses the quantity, quality & relevance of results

· Identifies gaps in information

· Determines if information satisfies needs

· Communicates search process

· Decision making

· Adaptation

· Clear goals

· Practice of skills

· Personalization

Presentation Rubric

Multiple-path scholarly source search – Speech and Language Barriers

· Identifies key concepts & terms

· Identifies the value and differences of potential resources

· Identifies keywords, synonyms, and related terms

· Selects controlled vocabulary specific to the discipline

· Repeats search using revised strategy

· Clear goals

· Monitored practiced

· Adaptation

· Continuous feedback

· Individual adjustment

· Personalization

Email evaluation and assessment