ESL Database Introduction: Video Game Strategy Application

Earlier this week I was asked to help develop a lesson for a class of ESL students. They were working on a very basic research paper on a current social issue. I wanted the session to be open ended and student directed while still giving the ESL students a librarian and peer support structure.

The lesson plan and sample powerpoint slides are here

The lesson includes the video game strategies of continually feedback, personalization, production, clear learning goals, lowered barriers to failure, and situated meaning.

Some of the ESL accommodations include:

  • Instructions written, spoke, and displayed on screen for multiple access and reinforcement
  • Additional visual handouts that use screen shots to show steps through each database
  • Small peer groups for increased communication and reduced barriers to assistance
  • Use of "objection" signs to add fun out of asking questions and incorporate the expectation of questions into the lesson; objection signs created using the Phoenix Wright image below
  • Demonstration of how find resources, not an explanation or presentation; allowing the focus on process not on verbal expression

The librarian that asked for the unit, found it useful and engaging. I hope that others might find some useful in it as well.


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