A good week for critical thinking & the Nintendo DS

There are two games this month for the Nintendo DS that educational video game proponents should be aware of and experience.

Professor Layton was released this past Sunday. This is a combination of puzzle, brain teasers, and adventure. The game was supposed to come out last November and I even placed my first ever pre-order for it through Amazon last fall. Jenny Levine blogged about it back at the end of January and the game is now out and on shelves.

In addition to the main game, there is already free downloadable content in the form additional puzzles available for those who solve. And if that content isn't enough for players to enjoy, the game manual confirms a sequel is on its way.

Here's an example of one of the puzzles:

In addition to solving puzzles in small towns, the DS is seeing the first DS specific developed game in the Phoenix Wright series, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. The game comes out on the 19th and this game like those before it are wonderful examples critical thinking and reading comprehension. I've written before about my gaming and learning experience with Phoenix Wright and I'm looking forward to this new game as well.

If you've never played before, or even a series fan, I encourage you to try out the demo of the first case below:

Professor Layton photos by the 1 up network
Apollo Justice photos and demo available on game's homepage


Anonymous said...

I'm very much enjoying this game, even though some of the puzzles are kicking my butt. I didn't realize there was additional, downloadable content online - thanks for the heads up on this!! :)

Jenny Levine