Not Only Teaching with Gaming Strategies, but Displaying Them as Well

From the start of the new semester (until the end of this month), the Charles C. Myers Library at the University of Dubuque had a video game display. The display was planned to highlight some of the resources for our computer graphics students focusing on game development. I was pleased to see the appeal of the display expand beyond the intended audience. Many other students continued to stop and look and ask about checking out the books. Even some of the students touring perspective students highlighted the displays. The display has now also built up some awareness for the new video game collection.

I am pleased and surprised that the displays and the collection were not suggested or advocated by me. It's great to see more investment in the idea of video games and libraries from others on the library staff.


Andrew said...

Thanks for sharing information and pictures about the display. Great way to promote the concept as well as the resources available.

Paul said...

Thanks Andrew. It was great to hear students talking about it. The display and my work has helped raise the awareness of teaching with gaming strategies on campus. Last week I was told by another faculty memeber, "I'm suppose to be more like you."

What he meant was that my name has come up about how we as educators should be trying to reach out to students and connect them to the material in new ways. And that's never a bad thing.

Now, being more like me? I wouldn't wish that on too many people.