Catching Up on Gaming News

Since my two sons were nice enough to wake up at 4:45 am (back asleep by 5:30) and 5:45 (still awake), I've had some time this morning to catch up on the RSS feeds.

Being a former political operative and lifetime political junkie, I'm excited by announcement and push from the ECA for YouTube questions for the presidential debate. GamePolitics is highlighting the videos here. They just published a handful more today. Most are well thought out and produced. I'm excited by the fact that gamers are getting into the advocacy role and being politically active.

Fresh off his appearance on The Colbert Report, Ian Bogost's recent Gamasutra article is a great read. My brain's not ready yet to analysis it's meaning for library games, give me a few more cups of coffee and then we'll see. So I hope to return to it soon.

Also, if you haven't used or listened to the resources from EDUCAUSE I mentioned back in June. EDUCAUSE now has video from the Spring 2007 Conference on Immersive Worlds

Immersive Learning Environments: New Paths to Interaction and Engagement," presents highlights from the 2007 ELI Spring Focus Session and discusses the use of ILEs such as online games, simulations, and virtual worlds to support teaching and learning.
Finally, I'm excited that GameSetWatch picks up the activity from GLLS 2007. Research Quest gets mentioned in the post. I've always enjoyed GameSetWatch's collection of stories and posts, which just outside of mainstream gaining. Maybe it's related to the fact that GameSetWatch's Simon acknowledged his personal interest in libraries and even considered librarianship.


Kevin said...

Thanks for the link to Ian Bogost's interview on The Colbert Report. As a "complicated, wonky nerd" I found it fascinating. :) I'll have to check out his article.

The link actually sent me to the next interview after Ian's, with Michael J. Behe, said to be "the father of intelligent design" who wrote a book and argued about limits to Darwin's evolutionary theory. Another interesting subject for me.

I saw that you had been mentioned on GameSetWatch -- congratulations!

Paul said...


Thanks for the info on the link. I thought it did the same for me, but I'll double checked the link from the Colbert report.